CAD Drawing Service

If your after a profiling service but don’t have the ability to draw it up yourself then get in touch with the team at Taylor Engineering. We have an in house design service that can draw up any shapes or items you wish to get cut. Send us a sketch or a photo and we can take care of the rest! *Charges may apply

Latest Software

Our fibre laser uses the latest CypCut cutting software. The software's workpiece framing, nesting, and fly cutting features decrease cutting times and save on materials!

It’s capability to process large cutting files, making it possible to complete complex laser cutting jobs in a short amount of time. Send us your DXF or DWG files and we can take care of the rest!

Why Choose Fibre Laser Cutting?

Fibre laser cutting is the fastest, most highly efficient way to cut materials on the market today!

  • Benefits are Fibre lasers provide a much higher level of beam quality which can be highly focused to achieve extremely accurate levels of precision, as well as increased power densities
  • Reduced mechanical stress on any material due to the heated zone being incredibly small
  • Reduced power consumption by up to 50% compared to other lasers, which means competitive cutting costs for the consumer

Looking for your next profiling solution?

ADH ULE 4020 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Taylor Engineering are now proud to offer a multi purpose Fiber Laser cutting service

Machine Specifications

Cutting Bed Size - 4020mm x 2020mm

Power Output - 6000W With Dual Exchange Table for Increased Productivity


Cutting Materials - Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass

Common Cutting Thicknesses - 30mm Mild Steel

- 16mm Aluminium

- 20mm Stainless Steel

- 12mm Brass


The Largest and Most Powerful Fiber Laser in Our Region!